With only one “listening tour” town hall remaining for the Tax Reform Taskforce, the claim that Utah’s tax system is broken becomes more and more suspect.

Despite being charged with the task of “verifying the challenge,” our policymakers have used the town hall meetings, and Utah tax dollars, as a propaganda campaign to convince Utah citizens that Utah’s tax system is in peril and must be saved! The source of the propaganda campaign, marketed under the obviously leading moniker “strongerfutures.utah.gov,” is shrouded in mystery. Who commissioned it? Has the data presented in the campaign been vetted? How much did it cost? All legitimate questions, considering that no money was appropriated for use by the Task Force to produce the materials. ULW has been looking into these questions and has submitted several GRAMA requests in hopes of finding answers. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, lawmakers continue to peddle misinformation about Utah tax reform. Even after HB441, the so called “Tax Equalization and Reduction Act,” was exposed as a huge tax increase, lawmakers continue to claim the Bill would have reduced taxes. The only problem, the Bill’s fiscal note states that it was projected to INCREASE taxes by nearly $500M over two years.

The deplorable Washington D.C. style tactics and continued false statements associated with HB441, and the tax reform debate, have seriously harmed Utahan’s trust in our State government. A terrible fact our policy-makers seemingly dismiss or willfully ignore.

The Task Force propaganda campaign is misinformation based on bad data and bad forecasts, all funded by our tax dollars. This should concern, if not infuriate, every Utah citizen!