Utah Legislative Watch™ was created by a group of small business owners and Utah citizens who have grown concerned that Washington DC style politics have infected Utah lawmakers.  Utah Legislative Watch™ promotes accountability and transparency from our policy makers by shining a light on proposed legislation and legislative practices.

Truth and Transparency in Governance

We demand truth and transparency in our State and local governments and reject the use of Washington DC style tactics to pass burdensome legislation, especially tax increases.  

Fiscal Responsibility and Restraint

Over the past 20 years, Utah state government spending has increased nearly three times faster than Utah median income and population, suggesting that government growth is out of control.   We call on our lawmakers to do the truly hard work of resisting the natural tendency of government to continually grow.

Educating the Community

Utah Legislative Watch™ endeavors to provide Utah citizens with timely information about proposed legislation and legislative practices.  Please watch the videos on our website and like and share out social media accounts.  Please share this information with your family and friends.  Stay informed and demand accountability from our lawmakers!